LinuxSecurity: Introduction to Netwox and Interview with Creator Laurent Constantin

Performing a security or network audit with a large number of
security tools available can be quite overwhelming. Even basic
network troubleshooting has a plethora of tools to chose from as
well. Selecting the right one to get the job done fast can even
cause a headache. Let’s see, hackbot.pl, nmap, nessus, and sara
just four tools that can be used to determine if a webserver is
running. Even a quick telnet to port 80 would work:

    telnet www.example.com 80

“All of these tools have their place for sure and should be
included in a security or network auditing toolkit. However, netwox
solves the problem of having multiple tools to choose from to
perform specific tasks. Netwox removes the issue of having to go to
a machine and compile multiple programs to start auditing a
network. Netwox contains over 130 tools built into one program.
Each tool is referenced by a particular number and is readily
available and searchable. The coolest tool is the network sniffing
program. This tool sniffs network packets and doesn’t output it
like you normally see with tcpdump or ethereal. No, it outputs the
packets just like you learned it. In the cool graphical

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