PC Week: Startup Silverback launches novel management service

“Startup Silverback Technologies Inc…. which calls itself a
Management Service Provider, is taking a different application
hosting tack by placing the management applications at the
customer’s site — thus giving the customer greater control over
those applications.”

” ‘We have an XML middleware architecture that lets us integrate
multiple applications, prepackage them and host them at the
customer facility, so the customer is less reliant on an Internet
connection,’ explained John Igoe, president and CEO of the

“Here’s how it works. Silverback Technologies installs an
Intel-based hardware device at the customer site that runs Linux,
VPN (virtual private network) software, a database, a Web server
and a suite of management applications (including a device
discovery engine, an alerting and monitoring engine, security
scanning and performance monitoring software).”

“Data gathered by the device is transmitted, via the secure VPN,
back to a Silverback data center, where multiple databases
aggregate it, track trouble tickets and so on. A portal resides at
the customer site that is monitored by Silverback customer care
engineers, who also monitor the back-end services running in the
data center. Customers access the service through the portal.”