RootPrompt.org: Watching Your Logs – How to automate your log filtering

[ Thanks to Noel
for this link. ]

“Where to begin? The best place to start is with a plan. There
are three steps to planning for automated logging. The first step
is define what you want to know. Determine what information you
need out of your system logs. The second step is to identify which
logs contain that information. The third step is identifying the
trigger, what defines the critical information?”

“Logs are a critical asset to successfully running your systems.
They tell us what is and what is not happening. However, logs
can be extremely copious, quickly overwhelming us with information.
Soon they become useless files that just fill up disk space. This
article will cover how to solve this by automating the filtering of
your logs, freeing up your time while alerting you with the
information you need.

“Logs are an incredible asset, unfortunately they are often
ignored. You have too little time to review too much information.
Wouldn?t it be nice to automate the process, a process that reviews
the logs for you, then notifies you with only the information you
need. Well, we are going to do just that. I am going to cover how
to filter your logs for the information you need, then implement a
notification system.”


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