Security Portal: Weekly Linux Security Roundup – 2000/04/17 to 2000/04/23

A series of bad news announcements all week long and one
really nasty piece of exploit code.
WU-IMAPD has many
problems, Emacs has issues, several other popular program such as
Real Networks server, and Qpopper also have problems. I think it is
safe to say people still haven’t learned how to program and avoid
buffer overflows yet. The good news is they’re getting fixed, and
there is a new software package out to help prevent them for Linux.
Richard Stallman also posted a note to Bugtraq telling people to
call it “GNU/Linux” instead of just “Linux”. I’d also like the mass
media to use “hacker” and “cracker” properly, but that won’t happen
either. There are several advisories included in this weeks edition
so the length is abnormal, but they make for interesting


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