The Register: Microsoft mole spills beans on weenies

“A mole working at Microsoft in Redmond has described in detail
the process that culminated in a FrontPage security bug that
unfolded its wings and started occupying hectares of column inches
last week.”

“The source, who asked that he not be named for fear of losing
his livelihood, said that the bug, which includes language
demeaning to male Netscape engineers, said that rather than it
being a so-called “back door” which can be used to bring down Web
servers, it is actually a security bug.”

“He said: “The person attempting access would already have to
have Author permission to the FrontPage web, and then they could
only gain access to ASP (and Global.asa) pages. Plus, they would
have to know the name and exact location of the file they were
attempting to gain improper access to.””