ZDNet UK: Looping emails: Latest scourge of the Internet?

“When Roman Drahtmuller saw the volume of complaints
his company was receiving from disgruntled emailers, some of whom
had suddenly received hundreds of spam emails from the same source,
he knew something was wrong.

“We are in trouble,” wrote the security expert, who works for
Linux distributor SuSE in Germany, in a reply to the spam victims.
He proceeded to explain why.

The problem was that people around the world were apparently
getting spammed by SuSE and up to 20 other companies. And the
victims were not getting just one spam from each company, but
hundreds. To make matters worse, every time one victim sent an
email reply to complain, that email was forwarded on to everybody
else on the list. Far from abating the torrent of spam, each
complaint merely exacerbated the problem.”


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