Benchmarking Linux Filesystems on Software RAID 1

[ Thanks to Sander
for this link. ]

“A couple of months ago I got a couple of wonderful birthday
presents. My lovely geeky girlfriend got me two Western Digital 500
GB SATA 3.0 drives, which were promptly supplemented with a 3ware
9550XS 4-port hardware RAID card. Immediately I came up with the
idea for this article. I had just read up on mdadm software RAID so
I though it would be perfect to bench mark the hardware RAID
against the software RAID using all kinds of file systems, block
sizes, chunk sizes, LVM settings, etcetera.

“Or so I though… As it turns out, my (then) limited
understanding of RAID and some trouble with my 3ware RAID cards
meant that I had to scale back my benchmark quite a bit. I only
have two disks so I was going to test RAID 1…”

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