BW: BigStorage Inc. Sponsors ReiserFS Journaling Filesystem for Linux

“BigStorage Inc., a division of Torque Systems, today announced
its sponsorship of the ReiserFS project.”

“BigStorage joins ReiserFS sponsors MP3.com and SuSE who have
provided vital support to the development of the filesystem.
The ReiserFS project is a key element of BigStorage’s
initiative to bring enterprise storage solutions to Linux. In
addition, a development team lead by Hans Reiser and BigStorage
Inc. will collaborate to provide hierarchical storage management
(HSM) for Linux.”

“”We are excited to sponsor this important new technology that
finally makes Linux ready for enterprise-class storage
requirements”, said Sam Bogoch President and CEO of BigStorage.
“Our customers will benefit from journaling for rapid system
recovery, in addition to the exceptional capacity and expansion
abilities of HSM in the future.””

Press Release