CNN: Germany’s Grundig launches MP3 player

Thanks to Robert Wuest
for this link.

“German electronics company Grundig AG jumped into the
digital-music market, with the launch last week of its MP3-Player

“The MPaxx is a portable device that will play MP3 (Motion
Picture Experts Group, Audio Layer 3) audio files.”

“MP3 is a technology that allows audio files to be downloaded
from the Internet, then stored and replayed on a disc drive or
mobile player, such as the MPaxx. MP3’s compression technology
enables the files to be stored without taking up large amounts of
storage space, and the music quality is comparable to that of an
audio CD.”

“After installing the necessary software on a PC, users download
the MP3 files from the Internet or from a CD. The files are copied
onto the PC hard drive, where they are then converted, compressed
and copied onto a multimedia card that can then be inserted into
and played on MP3 player. The multimedia cards can be copied over
up to 100,000 times, according to Grundig.”