LinuxDevices.com: Maker of Linux-based home appliance secures funding

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“Adomo, Inc. announced today that it has successfully closed a
seed funding round from Bridge Ventures Fund III in Denmark. This
investment, along with prior investments, brings Adomo’s total seed
funding to $4 million. The funds will be used to continue
development of a Linux server-based home information system that
allows families to network Internet enabled devices and share
important family information.
This market is expected to reach
$5 billion by the year 2005.”

“Adomo’s system addresses the need for a home information system
that fits the patterns and lifestyle of the family. It consists of
a Linux-based server, thin client terminals, home information
applications, and web-based services. It is designed from the
ground up for the family environment, allowing fast access to
information by all family members from anywhere in the home. The
applications support common home information needs such as address
books, calendars, and playing digital music.”

“Adomo’s home server, the AdomoBase, acts as a residential
gateway, combined with centralized storage and distribution of the
custom applications and data to the remote devices. Adomo’s thin
client terminals allow fast, easy access to the information and the
Internet from anywhere in the home. Both the server and the
appliances use the GNU/Linux operating system.”

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