LinuxPR: Vanity E-Mail Available for Your Website at No Charge

“You Can Now Easily Offer Your Users Vanity E-Mail.”

It is now possible to have a “hot mail” type e-mail for
your users without having a server, software, or storage
” according to Victor Goodman, CTO of LinuxStart.Com.
“The script running off the LinuxStart server, allows your users to
log into your web page and retrieve their mail from our server.” A
example of such a partnership with linuxstart is available @
KMFMS.Com. “The original ideas was developed with the help of
webmaster Timothy W Macinta of KMFMS.Com and the LinuxStart.Com

“Victor continues “This is a quick way to offer your users high
quality web based e-mail without all the expense and bother of
creating and mantaning the system- and it is free:).”