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Linux 4.7 Debuts with Improved Security
LinuxPlanet: The fourth major new Linux kernel of 2016 is now out with the debut today of Linux 4... (Jul 25, 2016)

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Real Time Interactive IP LAN Monitoring with IPTraf Tool
(Jul 27, 2016, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

IPTraf is an ncurses-based IP LAN monitoring tool

Microsoft Says It Loves Linux, But Its Anti-Linux Patent Trolls Are Still Around and Active
(Jul 26, 2016, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

 techrights: Highlighting just two of the many entities that Microsoft (and partners) use in order to induce additional costs on Free (as in freedom) software

Android vs. iPhone: Pros and Cons
(Jul 26, 2016, 19:00) (0 talkbacks)

Datamation: So what's better IOS or Android?

How to break the news that a significant IT transformation is in order
(Jul 26, 2016, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

 EnterprisersProject: Five tips to help IT leaders get buy-in on a major undertaking.

Clear Linux Is Among the First Distros to Adopt Kernel 4.7, X.Org Server 1.18.4
(Jul 26, 2016, 14:17) (0 talkbacks)

 softpedia: A couple of days ago, Linus Torvalds announced the release of the Linux 4.7 kernel, and we were very curious to know which distribution will be the first to adopt it.

Systemback - Restore Ubuntu Desktop and Server to previous state
(Jul 26, 2016, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

ostechnix: Systemback allows you to restore Ubuntu Desktop and Server to previous working state.

Avoiding data disasters with Sanoid
(Jul 26, 2016, 13:00) (0 talkbacks)

Sanoid helps to recover from what Jim Salter likes to call "Humpty Level Events."

How to Install Pure-FTPd with TLS and virtual users on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1
(Jul 26, 2016, 12:00) (0 talkbacks)

 HowToForge: Pure-FTPd has many features like virtual domains, chroot home directory, virtual users, TLS/SSL support, virtual quota and many more.

Howdy, Ubuntu on Windows! Getting Started
(Jul 26, 2016, 11:00) (0 talkbacks) So, a few months have passed, and you’ve realized that, wow, you’re not dreaming, and it wasn’t an April Fool’s Joke, but in fact that Ubuntu-on-Windows thing is real!

/dev/random Seeing Improvements For Linux 4.8
(Jul 26, 2016, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

Phoronix: Yet another early pull request to talk about for the Linux 4.8 kernel are improvements to /dev/random.

OpenStack Pico and Questa set to Debut in 2017 and 2018
(Jul 26, 2016, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

InternetNews: Members of the OpenStack Foundation have been voting on upcoming release names and the results are now in.

Lennart Poettering Announces systemd 231 Init System for GNU/Linux Distributions
(Jul 26, 2016, 08:00) (0 talkbacks)

systemd 231 is now the most advanced version of the modern and controversial init system

ArchStrike Ethical Hacking Linux Operating System Gets Its First ISO Builds
(Jul 26, 2016, 07:00) (0 talkbacks)

 softpedia: ArchStrike was previously known as ArchAssault, of course, still based on the renowned, lightweight and highly customizable Arch Linux distribution.

GNU Linux-libre Kernel 4.7 Officially Released for Users Who Want 100% Freedom
(Jul 26, 2016, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

GNU Linux-libre 4.7-gnu contains deblobbing changes for various included drivers in the mainline Linux 4.7 release.

Configuring a single Ubuntu installation as a dual-boot option and a VirtualBox appliance under Windows 10
(Jul 26, 2016, 05:00) (0 talkbacks)

 HowToForge: I often need to use Windows 10 and Ubuntu on the same machine within a single login session, so I run Ubuntu as a virtual machine in Oracle VirtualBox.

Fluxday: A no-fuss open source productivity tracker
(Jul 26, 2016, 04:00) (0 talkbacks)

Unni Koroth shares why his company created open source productivity tool Fluxday.

5 reasons system administrators should use revision control
(Jul 25, 2016, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

Check out these five tips for using revision control in operations.

Our First Look at Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon
(Jul 25, 2016, 19:00) (0 talkbacks)

 FOSSforce: It's been almost a month since Linux Mint 18 "Sarah" was released, so we decided to take it for a spin and have our first ever look at the Cinnamon desktop.

How to Run or Repeat a Linux Command Every X Seconds Forever
(Jul 25, 2016, 15:00) (0 talkbacks)

 Simple scripts are always helpful

Women In Tech: Jane Silber, CEO Of Canonical
(Jul 25, 2016, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

TomsHardware: Silber has been running Canonical (maker of Ubuntu, among a great many other software products) in one form or another for well over a decade at this point

Solus Project to No Longer Offer a Release Schedule, Solus 1.2.1 Gets Delayed
(Jul 25, 2016, 13:00) (0 talkbacks)

 softpedia: The announcement follows the recent news of Solus becoming a rolling release operating system

GNOME Software 3.22 Will Support Installation of Snaps, Flatpak Repository Files
(Jul 25, 2016, 12:00) (0 talkbacks)

GNOME Software is an essential app distributed as part of the GNOME Stack

Minimalist Web Browser ‘Min’ Sees New Release
(Jul 25, 2016, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

OMGubuntu: Two big new features are appended to the existing feature set which includes tab tasks, focus mode and a built-in reading list.

Hardened Usercopy Appears Ready To Be Merged For Linux 4.8
(Jul 25, 2016, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

Phoronix: Hardened usercopy was originally based upon GrSecurity's PAX_USERCOPY feature

How to set the hostname on Fedora
(Jul 25, 2016, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

To set the name of a single, modern Fedora system such as a home computer that isn’t part of a network, use the hostnamectl command

Cyanogen Inc. reportedly fires OS development arm, switches to apps
(Jul 25, 2016, 08:00) (0 talkbacks)

ars: What happens to an Android OS company when it stops developing an Android OS?

Easily Encrypt your Flash Drives with Linux
(Jul 25, 2016, 07:00) (0 talkbacks) Cryptsetup is a utility for for setting up encrypted filesystems with the help of Device Mapper and dm-crypt.

Nextcloud 10 beta includes two-factor authentication security
(Jul 25, 2016, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

ZDnet: The ownCloud infrastructure-as-a-service cloud fork, Nextcloud, is charging forward with new feature

(Jul 25, 2016, 05:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxJournal: SUSE Manager is a open-source IT management solution with a centralized console for managing multiple Linux distributions

Android, Chromebook Make a Sweet Couple
(Jul 25, 2016, 04:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxInsider: Chrome OS and Android Apps now run together on some Chromebooks.

Oracle Outs VirtualBox 5.1.2 with Better Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
(Jul 24, 2016, 22:00) (0 talkbacks)

For Linux hosts, the VirtualBox 5.1.2 release adds better support for the latest builds of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system

Linux 4.7 Debuts with Improved Security
(Jul 24, 2016, 18:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxPlanet: The fourth major new Linux kernel of 2016 is now out with the debut today of Linux 4.7

Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 LTS Fixes the Raspberry Pi Partition Resizer, Adds MATE 1.14
(Jul 24, 2016, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 LTS is not a major release

4MLinux 19.0 Distro to Ship with GCC 6.1.0 and Qt 5.7, Public Beta Out Now
(Jul 24, 2016, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

softepedia: The final release of the 4MLinux 19.0 GNU/Linux distribution, which should see the light of day on September 1, 2016, will also ship with the latest Qt 5.7.0 GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit.

Troubleshooting the ever-powerful Postfix Mail Server
(Jul 24, 2016, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

 Postfix is still a widely used and very popular open-source mail server.

Terminator A Linux Terminal Emulator With Multiple Terminals In One Window
(Jul 23, 2016, 18:00) (0 talkbacks)

Each Linux distribution has a default terminal emulator for interacting with system through commands.

Cumulus : A Real Time Weather App for Linux Desktops
(Jul 23, 2016, 14:00) (0 talkbacks)

 tecmint: Cumulus is a Yahoo! Weather Powered Desktop Weather App for Linux.

Tech Comics: Finally Agile
(Jul 23, 2016, 10:00) (0 talkbacks)

Datamation: Is your dev process truly Agile?

Keeweb A Linux Password Manager
(Jul 23, 2016, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

Keeweb, a Linux password manager that can store all your passwords securely either online or offline.

Maintaining remote web sites with sitecopy on Ubuntu 16.04
(Jul 22, 2016, 19:00) (0 talkbacks)

 HowToForge: sitecopy is a tool for copying locally stored web sites to a remote web server (using FTP or WebDAV)

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