KernelTrap: Compatibility and Incompatibility Lists

“David Welton proposed the creation of a Linux Incompatibility
List, a wiki-type web site used for tracking hardware devices that
are currently known to not work with the Linux kernel. Alan Cox
suggested, ‘I think the ‘compatibility list’ side is the more
important. Trying to punish non helpful products/vendors isn’t as
productive as helping stuff that is Linux friendly.’ David
suggested that the incompatibility list is likely to be small, and
thus easier to maintain. He went on to add, ‘by the way, the
concept is not really about punishing vendors, and I don’t want it
to come off looking like that. It’s about ‘this piece of hardware
does not work with Linux’. Who knows, maybe the fault is with the
kernel maintainers:-) It might be nice if that gave some incentive
to the manufacturers to help bring the driver up to speed,


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