Linux Kernels 4.9.14 and 4.4.53 Add Many Networking and Filesystem Improvements

Linux kernels 4.9.14 LTS and 4.4.53 LTS are now available for users of GNU/Linux distributions that are powered by a kernel from these stable, long-term supported branches. They come about two weeks after their previous builds, namely Linux kernel 4.9.13 LTS and Linux kernel 4.4.52 LTS, and bring quite a number of improvements for various components. As for the changes included in the Linux 4.4.53 LTS and 4.9.14 LTS kernels, we can mention updates for BCMA, devfreq, DMA, HV, hwmon, hwtracing, iiO, InfiniBand, IOMMU, MD, media, MMC, MTD, networking (Atheros and Realtek wireless), PCI, power, regulator, remoteproc, RTC, SCSI, SPI, staging, USB, VME, virtio, and w1 drivers. There are also some improvements to both the networking and sound stacks.