Linux XBasic and Windows XBasic are now open-source

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for this link. ]

From: “max reason” [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.os.linux
Subject: new – open-source XBasic compiler with IDE and
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 03:20:42 -0000

Linux XBasic and Windows XBasic are now open-source

XBasic is an advanced BASIC compiler with IDE and

XBasic is written entirely in XBasic, plus a little

XBasic is platform independent – XBasic source programs run on
both Linux XBasic and Windows XBasic without modification, even if
they contain lots of graphics and GUI functionality.

Once XBasic programs are debugged in the development
environment, they can be compiled in assembly language and built by
standard assembler/linker tools into standalone executables and

The default XBasic function protocol is identical to C functions
and operating system functions, so XBasic programs can call C
library functions and operating system functions if needed. By
default XBasic passes arguments by value and supports the &
(address-of) operator, so calling C function is natural and

A few programmers have said “XBasic is C in BASIC clothing”, but
that is somewhat misleading. But XBasic is quite capable of large
and sophisticated applications like C.

You can read about and download either or both implemenations at
and related web-pages.

You can download and install the XBasic HTML documentation on
your local computer – just click the documentation link. The
documentation is currently undergoing improvement by the XBasic
programmer community – see below.

If you decide write XBasic programs you are encouraged to join
the free XBasic mail-list forum where XBasic programmers converge
to help each other and coordinate projects. See http://www.egroups.com/group/xbasic
to view and join the list.

I hope some of you enjoy XBasic.