LinuxDevices.com: Web server for embedded Linux applications

[ Thanks to LinuxDevices.com for this link.

“2net Limited has announced availability of their Embedded
Control Server for Linux. Unlike mainstream web servers such as
Apache, the Embedded Control Server has been designed from the
start for embedded systems. At only 70 Kb it is one of the smallest
Linux web servers available.
More important is the addition of
facilities that allow real-time control from any standard web
browser. Real-time control is achieved using the innovative Control
Variable Protocol (CVP) to send updates to Control Variables in a
highly efficient manner.”

“The package includes a range of Java Control Applets such as
push buttons, sliders and gauges that can be simply pasted into a
web page to create a virtual control panel. Also included is the
Remote Control Centre, which allows engineers to check on the
status of the device and upload or download files from anywhere in
the world.”

Press release