LinuxPower: PowerShell: A Terminal program done right?

“PowerShell… claimed to be a GNOME terminal program with lot
of added goodies. That description turned out to be very

“PowerShell is very similar to the standard Gnome-Terminal and
has features such as configurable colors, background images,
transparancy with or without shading etc., and, of course, the
popular feature of clickable URL links. Actually I think that
PowerShell shares a lot of code with Gnome Terminal here, most
drawn from Gnome libs.”

“What makes Powershell stand out is that instead of
being a one session terminal program like all the others out there,
it allows you to have a many terminal sessions as you want
through the use of tabs.
These tabs can even very easily be
renamed to whatever you like for fast and easy locating. The
usefulnes of this is easily apparent for people who like myself
work a lot against servers through telnet and which often finds
oneself with more than 3-4 terminals with different sessions using
different users and/or servers.”