LinuxPR: Loki Spearheads OpenAL

“Open-Source, Cross-Platform 3D-Audio Library Debuts at the
Game Developers Conference.”

“Loki Entertainment Software… today announces a multi-company
project to create and distribute OpenAL, an open-source,
cross-platform 3D-Audio library.”

“‘OpenAL represents a milestone for Linux and for the game
industry in general,’ said Scott Draeker, president, Loki
Entertainment Software. ‘Until now, games running on Linux have not
had access to the advanced 3D-Audio features available on other
platforms. OpenAL provides those advanced features with an
open-source, nonproprietary implementation…'”

“Creative Technology, the leader in providing advanced PC audio
hardware, plans to release Linux drivers that will work with
OpenAL, and which natively support the advanced 3D-Audio effects
which OpenAL enables. In addition, Creative is evaluating MacOS and
Windows implementations of the OpenAL standard.”