OSNews: A Look Into LindowsOS 2.0

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“The Linux community has been buzzing about LindowsOS since its
original announcement over a year ago. With Michael Robertson,
founder of mp3.com, at the helm, it was heralded as a Linux that
could seamlessly run all of your Windows applications. As details
became available, the skepticism of the community grew and with the
LindowsOS general release only months away, no one is quite sure
what to make of Lindows.com and their product, LindowsOS. We tested
Lindows 2.0 and we today present the most in-depth review ever
written for this much-talked OS, accompanied by a number of

“Understanding LindowsOS has been a challenge for many and the
reason is simple: most of us are Linux people viewing LindowsOS as
a Linux distribution. It’s much easier to appreciate the product
when you approach it from a different viewpoint. LindowsOS is not
made for Linux people, although they may like it, it’s made for
Windows converts. Remember, as you read, that you are probably
*not* the demographic that Lindows.com is after, but also remember
that you might like what you see. Also, the community seems to have
ignored, similarly to the OpenOffice.org debacle, that there is no
‘Lindows.’ Lindows.com is the name of the company and LindowsOS is
their flagship product…”


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