PRNewswire: Rational to Expand Support for Linux e-development

“Rational Software…the e-development company, today announced
its commitment to support teams developing software for the
Internet using the Linux operating system. As part of this
commitment, Rational has announced that it will work with Intel to
port its e-development solution to Linux64 (Trillian), Monterey64
and 64-bit Windows 2000 all running on the IA-64 family of
processors. “

“As a result, customers developing software for the Internet
will be able to quickly and reliably build next-generation
applications that harness the advanced processing power of IA-64
using Linux, Monterey and Windows 2000.”

Rational will expand its Linux support to provide a
comprehensive solution for Linux software development on
Rational currently has products that support the
development of software for Linux, including Rational ClearCase
4.0, which provides complete software configuration management for
distributed teams, and Rational Rose Real-Time, which provides
UML-based visual modeling for embedded software development.”

Press Release