Steve Wozniak: “Android frustates me”

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“Apples Co-founder talks about the future of
smartphones, what he doesn’t like about Android and his favorite
iPhone Apps

“derStandard.at: Scott Adams, the Author of the Dilbert comics
calls cell phones “exobrains”, where we can store our memories.
Where do you think this development will lead us in the future? Do
you reckon that one day we will eventually have implants like in
the movie The Matrix to connect us to a network and download

“Steve Wozniak: It’s funny because we’re trying to create
intelligence in computers, in mechanical devices and robots but we
deny that we were created. We don’t know how the brain works, so
that’s one problem. The amount of memory that supposedly fits in a
brain, we still haven’t proposed a reasonable way to get there
other than every computer in the world added up gets close. First
we will have to find out how the brain works. We’ve been guessing,
we studied it and we have formulas that fit it, but we don’t really
know like in an electrical circuit where the signals go.”

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