Kuro5hin.org: Essential Linux Bookshelf III: Running Linux [Book Review]

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In the last installment, we looked at the book that helped
me get up and running with Linux, “Linux Installation and Getting
Started”. Today, that book has been superseded in printed form by
its O’Reilly incarnation, “Running Linux”. This, a much-expanded
version of the original, is now in its third edition.
I bought the first edition when it came out, I no longer have it,
so I can’t compare the two directly. However, my impression is that
this 3rd edition, at 730 pages including the index, is
substantially bigger than the 1st….”

“The introduction is the usual stuff: what is Linux, what
hardware do you need, etc, etc. It contains a particularly-good
section on “Open Source (sic) and the Philosophy of Linux”. Really,
every new Linux user should read this part at least; and I dare say
many a one who already uses Linux would benefit as well. It’s a
shame that this section wasn’t chosen as part of the samples from
the book on the O’Reilly web site.”

“I see we are told that “You should have at the very least 8 MB
of RAM”. Oh, well, had to happen. Though actually, Linux can still
run in 4 MB — it’s just that most installation programs now want

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