Linux Australia needs to lift its public profile

[ Thanks to Sam
for this link. ]

“A survey conducted by Linux Australia has thrown up
one standout conclusion – the organisation is still very
low-profile and needs to do some serious self-promotion so that the
general public can become aware of its existence.

“A total of 528 responses were received to the survey which was
set in train by James Turnbull, who was president of the
organisation for the first six months of 2010 before he stepped
down to take up a job in the US.

“When I interviewed Turnbull shortly after he took office, he
had this to say about his reasons for deciding to conduct a survey:
“We do not engage with them (members) and we need to. I am also
keen to engage people who are not members and find out what we, as
an organisation, can offer. Then we’ll be more representative.”

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