Update: European Court to Microsoft: You Lose

“The European Union’s second highest court Monday turned down
most of Microsoft’s appeal of its 2004 antitrust ruling by the
European Commission (EC).

“Ruling from Luxembourg, the European Court of First Instance
(CFI) upheld the EC’s March 2004 decision that the company was in
breach of European competition law through the abuse of its
dominant market position…”


WRAL: Red Hat CEO Hails European Union Court Ruling against

“‘Today’s decision by the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg
in the Microsoft matter is great news for innovation and consumer
choice, both in Europe and around the world,’ Szulik said in a
statement issued by Red Hat shortly after the court decision was
announced. ‘The Court has confirmed that competition law prevents a
monopolist from simply using its control of the market to lock in
customers and stifle new competitors…'”


ZDNet UK: Breaking News: Microsoft Dodges EU Appeal

“Smith did make several references to the fact that Microsoft is
not the only company to have a dominant market share in the tech
industry. He mentioned Apple’s 70 percent share digital downloads
as evidence that the Microsoft’s Media Player hadn’t curbed
competition in that segment of the market.

“Smith also claimed that Linux Server has grown faster than
Windows Server recently as more evidence that Microsoft hasn’t got
things all its own way. However he was quick to point out that did
not mean that Microsoft would not comply with the EU’s 2004

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