Use s3cmd for Managing Amazon S3 Storage from the CLI

[ Thanks to Amy Newman for this link.

“Amazon S3 storage is dirt cheap. Whether it’s for work or
personal use, S3 makes for a great repository for backups and other
data you want to store. But most admins want a way to interact with
S3 that doesn’t involve dealing with the Web-based interface. If
you’re looking to script backups or other operations, you need a
reliable CLI tool that works with S3–and s3cmd does the trick

“You can find s3cmd on the S3 Tools site. Many Linux distros
(like Debian and Ubuntu) package it for you.

“After installing s3cmd, you must configure it with your S3
Amazon keys. Run s3cmd–configure and provide the keys to s3cmd. I
probably don’t need to say this, but just in case: You might not
want to use s3cmd on systems that you don’t control. So if you have
a shell account on a system that someone else has root on, storing
your Amazon S3 credentials on the system is something you might
want to avoid.”

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