CentOS Linux 7.3 Now Available for ARM Architectures, Supports Raspberry Pi 3

The big news comes just two days after the release of the CentOS Linux 7 (1611) updated installation mediums for 64-bit platforms, which have been rebased on the upstream source code of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 operating system from Red Hat Inc. CentOS Linux 7 (1611) port for ARM is a welcome addition to the growing list of GNU/Linux distributions for single-board computers and embedded devices. Supporting the popular Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 2, Banana Pi, CubieTruck, and Cubieboard SBCs, CentOS Linux 7 (1611) userland for armhfp includes some exciting technologies, among which we can mention Linux kernel 4.4 LTS, updated uboot images to version 2016.09, replacements of the unmaintained rootfs-resize package with cloud-utils-growpart, SELinux support for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 devices.