KDE Frameworks Now Requires Qt 5.5 or Later, Build 5.25.0 Updates Breeze Icons

KDE apps like KTextEditor, KArchive, and Sonnet received bugfixes and other improvements in the KDE Frameworks 5.25.0 release, which comes with many other updated components, including Plasma Framework, NetworkManagerQt, KXMLGUI, KCoreAddons, KService, Kross, Solid, Package Framework, KNotification, KItemModels, KIO, KInit, KIconThemes, KHTML, KGlobalAccel, KFileMetaData, and KDeclarative. Other than the above, KDE Frameworks 5.25.0 improves support for the next-generation Wayland display server for GNU/Linux operating system, as the KWayland component has been updated to support xdg-shell and geometry events for PlasmaWindow. There’s also Application Menu icon included in the Oxygen icon set, and it appears that the supported Qt release was bumped to version 5.5 or later.